5 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

When your business grows, it’s critical to adjust. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur and realize it’s too hard to wear every hat, or a mid-size company falling behind in market share, it’s important to recognize the moments you need to pivot. Maybe it’s time to delegate elements of your operations so you can focus on growth. Or maybe it’s time to expand into new markets with the expertise of a skilled vendor. For most companies, when it’s time to get more help, one of the first things they consider is outsourcing digital marketing.   

Digital marketing has a long list of benefits. To start, it is cost-effective and can boost sales quickly. The results are also measured easily, making it popular among business owners. But keeping on top of digital marketing? That’s another thing altogether. 

A skilled digital marketing team can help lift the burden. Let’s take a closer look. Here are five benefits of outsourcing digital marketing.    


1. Stay Current

Digital marketing includes everything from website content to email strategies and social media campaigns. Trying to stay current with platforms, tools and trends can feel like an exhausting game of whack-a-mole. 

Is it worth creating a series of Reels for Instagram? Should you use different keywords on your website to draw organic traffic? Is it worth paying for Google ads or should you put the money toward building a YouTube presence? 

To complicate these questions further, digital media is ever-changing. If you take on the task yourself, you’ll need to keep current with platform protocols, keyword performance, click-through rates and much more. Chances are, you’ll need to spend at least as much time researching best practices as you will creating and testing your content. 

One of the key benefits of outsourcing digital media is immediate access to the expertise and tools of your vendor. A great digital team will be on top of current trends. They’ll know how business owners are receiving the biggest bang for their dollar and they’ll have the expertise to help you get in the game quickly.


2. Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

Before business owners think about outsourcing digital marketing, they often make the same mistake. They do just enough research to identify a platform they want to try— and then they dive in without a plan. 

Make no mistake — a plan-free approach to digital marketing is a recipe for wasted time and money. While it’s tempting to jump into the deep end, especially if you see your competition killing it on social media or with email marketing, only a solid plan will help you create a consistent brand presence while speaking to your audience in a way that meets them where they are. 

By outsourcing digital marketing to a trusted team, you’ll be able to keep your eye on the big picture. Media specialists will help you outline your goals, with clear, measurable objectives within a given timeline. They will also help you prioritize which platforms and tactics to use first. 

Is it important to re-work your website content to include keyword phrases? Should you create information-driven posts for Threads? Would it be worthwhile to create video content? A skilled media team will be current with online trends and will quickly analyze how your competition is using digital marketing tools.

With a sense of the big picture and a realistic plan in hand, you can approach digital media marketing with confidence. Once you have goals in place, you can measure, analyze and tweak them where necessary. In short, outsourcing digital marketing helps you achieve your big-picture goals faster.


3. Drill Down

With a plan in place and a skilled team at your side, you’ll have the chance to go deep with your marketing tactics. While you’ll start with high-level goals, outsourcing digital marketing means that you’ll have help figuring out where and when to invest your efforts. 

Say, for example, you are a florist with a growing business in the outskirts of Detroit. Perhaps, until now, your digital marketing has consisted only of your website and a series of periodic Instagram posts. Chances are, you’re too busy creating beautiful arrangements and running your business to ensure that your digital assets work as one. 

By outsourcing digital marketing, you’ll have the chance to see a bigger picture. A skilled media partner will likely start with your website, ensuring that it is optimized for search engines. From there, they will likely identify which social media platforms can help you find your audience quickly. 

From this wider viewpoint, they will help you drill down to specific segments of your audience. Perhaps you’ve noticed a handful of your clients buying flowers for a non-traditional event or relationship. Maybe you want to promote an end-of-year bouquet, for example, decorated specifically to thank school bus drivers for their service. 

Outsourcing digital marketing will help you drill down to specific market segments while keeping within a larger media strategy. On your own, it would be nearly impossible to find the time to segment and target specific markets.   


4. Save Time (Money)

Of course, once you’ve decided that outsourcing digital marketing is the best plan for your business, you’ll quickly realize the amount of time it will save. With a trusted digital team at your side, you’ll do more, faster, for less money. 

You might wonder how hiring a third party—outsourcing digital marketing—will save money. Won’t it cost more to hire a vendor? How do I know I’ll make the money back in new business? 

These are valid questions, answered with one simple calculation: If you plan to start something new (a website, social media campaign, ad campaign) and don’t have the in-house expertise to handle graphics, written content and strategy, you should turn to a third-party vendor.

You and/or your employees will save time researching best practices for each platform, experimenting with graphics, exploring the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO) and much more. For employees with digital skills, it can be overwhelming to be reassigned to marketing duties. When you turn these tasks over to a digital media partner, they can manage them quickly and cost-effectively. 


5. Consistency

Finally, one of the most important benefits of outsourcing digital marketing is the consistency it provides. Once you have a wider vision for your website and social media, a third-party vendor can help you build a thorough calendar for your posts and other tactics. 

For example, you may be advised to make blog updates every two weeks with specific keyword phrases. Your digital team may recommend pre-planned posts for Facebook or Instagram, using hashtags. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be advised to create instructional or service-based videos. 

The best part? A skilled digital marketing team can help you execute the plan, taking tasks such as writing, editing and graphics off your plate altogether. 

When you’re thinking about whether outsourcing digital marketing makes sense for your business, it’s important to consider the bandwidth and skill set of your in-house employees. Do you have the capacity to plan and execute both strategically and at the tactical level?

If not, outsourcing your digital media is likely your best option. Thankfully, a bit of research can help you find a skilled team. To take your digital marketing to the next level, look for a company you trust, with a strong track record and killer reviews. 

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