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EPIC Primary Care

Epic Primary Care has served patients for more than a decade.

In 2000, Greg and Ted Naman finished their residencies and began their medical careers in private practice. Since then they have continued to grow, now boasting 3 locations.


Epic Primary Care’s previous website was outdated and not responsive. The goal that EPIC was hoping to achieve was to create a new website that would represent all services offered  and have the ability to grow as the practice grew. It was also essential to build in onpage optimization, as the previous website was lacking key optimization elements necessary for successful organic marketing.

  • Create a brand and style
  • Represent the practice optimizing key services offered
  • Optimize website for organic ranking


Along with the website redesign, Marketing House Media, LLC helped Epic Primary Care find their brand voice and style.

MHM conducted stakeholder interviews that were summarized and analyzed to create a voice for the brand. Next came the brand guidelines that would be a unique face for EPIC, emphasizing their expertise and special concentration providing care for their patients.

Once the website was established, the social media platforms were updated, optimized and/or created on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. and daily posting of original and curated content began building the brand of Epic Primary Care.

  • We designed a brand and website that exceptionally emphasized Epic’s voice
  • Increase website visits and sales using a combination of organic and paid promotion
  • We wrote blog content for each specific service to further improve their SEO rankings.
  • Designed and optimized Epic Primary Care’s social profiles

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