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Franskoviak Tax Solution’s previous website was outdated and not responsive. This proved a problem for the growth goal that Franskoviak was hoping to achieve in 2018 because there was this antiquated website and it did not completely align with what the company stands for and was lacking key optimization elements necessary for successful organic marketing.

Franskoviak Tax solution also changed their name from Franskoviak & Co. to Franskoviak Tax Solutions at the end of 2017. This name change was not handled properly and caused a crash in ranking for the established professional accounting firm.

In addition, Franskoviak Tax Solution did not have an active social presence on-line and was not getting ROI with their PPC campaigns.

  • Create a brand-new website completely optimized with appropriate headers and header tags, meta tags, keywords and schema.
  • Additional content added to pages on ongoing basis, including FAQ on each page.
  • Design a custom testimonial gallery layout
  • In addition to web design and development MHM manages Franskoviak’s local SEO, NAP, GMB, local citations and etc.. efforts eradicate the name change results.
  • MHM to develop new campaign strategy for google PPC and Microsoft/Bing PPC
  • MHM to manage, build community and create daily posts for Franskoviak Tax Solutions social media presence.


Franskoviak Tax Solutions came to Marketing House Media, LLC because they were looking for a local partner to align with their needs, that was flexible, easy to communicate with and available for regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings.

They also needed a partner that could not only help them with a website redesign, but also the strategic plan to get there and the management of everything afterwards. MHM was the ideal partner for these needs and the first step was completing a roadmap that outlined the scope of the project. Once the roadmap was complete and a plan was in place, work began on the website. Their previous website was on WordPress and the decision was made to keep it there since the platform provided all the functionally Franskoviak Tax Solutions needed to meet their goals and because of the longevity of the previous website we didn’t want to lose any redirects.

Along with the website redesign, Marketing House Media, LLC helped Franskoviak Tax Solutions find their brand voice and style. MHM conducted stakeholder interviews that were summarized and analyzed to create a voice for the brand. Next came the brand guidelines that would be a unique face for Franskoviak Tax Solutions, emphasizing their expertise and special concentration representing clients with IRS tax resolution issues.

Once the website was established, the social media platforms were updated, optimized and/or created on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. and daily posting of original and curated content began building the brand of Franskoviak on social media.

To increase website visits and sales, we used a combination of organic and paid promotion. We wrote blog content for each specific audience to further improve their SEO rankings.

We also built paid search campaigns for Google and Bing with branded and interest specific keywords. To distribute the content, we posted regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and boosted top performing posts.

Google Webmaster and Google Analytics were set up to get insights on Email campaigns, blogging, link tracking, landing pages – all of this was now available to gain information about the success of our marketing efforts.


Partnering with Marketing House Media, LLC, Franskoviak Tax Solutions has been able to benefit from:

  • An updated brand look, feel, voice and style
  • Consolidation of their websites into one responsive platform
  • Continuity throughout their entire brand
  • Marketing automation management
  • Improved Google Analytics tracking
  • Unique website functionality
  • Impressive Social Profiles on the primary channels
  • Managed Strategic PPC Campaigns with increased ROI
  • Local SEO presence and management
  • On page, on-going SEO, Link building and content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Monthly newsletter published, Direct mail and Email
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