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Mostly Mozart


The Mostly Mozart Educational Program was developed to introduce children to the art of music through enjoyable and guided professional instruction in the form of after school programs.


When Mostly Mozart approached MHM, they knew they needed a custom website as impressive as the after-school programs that they offer, but didn’t know where to start. We worked with Mostly Mozart to guide them along the path to getting their business on the web.

Since Mostly Mozart came to us without an existing website, we were starting with a blank canvas. Mostly Mozart’s requests were for prospects to register online, a page to showcase each school district, bio page for each instructor, and for the website to be reflective of their branding.

Mostly Mozart left most of the design decisions up to MHM, only giving some basic information as to what they wanted to appear on each page. Our mission was to find a way to take the basic information and display it in a way that was easy for users to navigate.

  • Create a brand-new website to follow brand standards.
  • Find a creative way to display Mostly Mozart’s program, including individual district’s schedules and registration.
  • Design a custom project gallery layout


Our developers went to work, getting feedback from our design team along the way, and built out all the various elements into a single, cohesive layout. Our team spent much time ensuring the smooth transition and functionality of each page. Visually speaking, the simplistic design provides a sophisticated air associated with the Orchestra. In addition, each district’s page has its own gallery, schedule and registration option.

  • Coming up with creative solutions can be difficult, but the end result is always worth it.
  • Included design elements to make transitions between content seem effortless
  • Applied overall design elements to emphasize Mostly Mozart’s branding